World Cup Vuokatti 2014 second day

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The second day of struggle in the World Cup 2014 ended. Because of lost luggage, female part of our team: Arleta Opyd and Katarzyna Rogowiec, until the last minutes did not have their skis.

There were also some complications in the male part of the staff. During the first day of the competition Witold Skupien fell slicing an eyebrow, so that he could not finish the race.

Cross-country skiing 


Women standing


8 January 2014

January 2014

5 km classical technique

5 km classical technique

Katarzyna Rogowiec

12 place

9  place

Arleta Opyd

14  place

14  place


Cross-country skiing


Men siting

January 2014

January 2014

10 km

5 km

Kamil Rosiek

15 place

13 place


Cross-country skiing


Men standing

January 2014

January 2014

10 km classical technique

10 km classical technique

Witold Skupień

did not finish

18 place




tl_files/Vuokatti 2014/IMG_4755.jpg

tl_files/Vuokatti 2014/IMG_4760.jpg

tl_files/Vuokatti 2014/vuokatti11.jpg

tl_files/Vuokatti 2014/vuokatti5.jpg

fot. Heidi Lehikoinen 


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