My name is Katarzyna Rogowiec. I was born in 1977 in Rabka. In 2003 at the World Championships I won three silver medals in cross-country skiing on 10 km and 15 km, and in the relay-race 3x2, 5 km. In 2005, I won the title of world champion in biathlon at 12,5 km, vice-champion at 7.5 km and 2 bronze medals in cross-country skiing.

In 2006 Paralympic Games in Turin I won two gold medals: in cross-country skiing on 15 km (classical style) and in the 5 km (free technique).

During the Paralympic Games in Vancouver in 2010, I won the bronze medal in speed skating on 15km.

World Cup in Khanty Mansiysku in April 2011 resulted in 6 medals - gold, four silver and brown - gained both in cross-country skiing and in the biathlon.

2011/12 season I ended with the victory in cross-country skiing and on second place in biathlon  in World Cup. I brought Crystal Ball to Poland.

I live in  Rabka and Krakow.

When I was 3 years old I lost my hands in an accident on the farm.

But this did not stopped me from being independent. When my handwork teacher agreed with my mom that ?some works? can not be make by Katie (?because she can not sew napkins without using hands?) I decided to prove, that it is not like that - I learned to sew using my teeth.

And so it goes. Without hands I am able to do more than non-disabled people waiting for their chance in the life.

As I checked that almost everything is possible, I decided to write more about this on my website.
I would like to share my experiences and feelings with You, hoping that this may help not only people with disabilities but also non-disabled people waiting passively for their only chance in the life.

This unique chance does not exist, there are many opportunities, and they are called:workperseveranceregularityrealistic goalsbelief that despite of a hundred failures, the101 approach will be  successfulthe joy of little thingsrespect for othersand smile every day. In total those are simple things, and they consists our life. With all my heart I wish You to ad them to Your life.


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